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  Hypnosis and Weight Management
    Chances are you're reading this because you’re interested in gaining better control of your weight and you've heard that hypnosis can be very helpful to people who are determined to do that.  Before we go any further, it’s important for you to understand what you can realistically expect from any successful weight management program, including hypnotism.

    The following information is excerpted from a Federal Trade Commision Conference Report titled Commercial Weight Loss Products and Programs. What Consumers Stand to Gain and Lose.

    This panel reports that the majority of people who purchase weight loss programs have highly unrealistic expectations, both for the degree of loss and the ease with which it will be achieved.

    According to a survey, the best case scenario in a state of the art weight control program is a reduction of 10% to 15% of overall body weight during the course of 52 to 72 weeks.  This can often provide significant health benefits.  However, typical consumer expectations are much higher – ranging from a “dreamy” 32% to an “acceptable” 25% and a “disappointing” 17%.

    Panelist Thomas A. Wadden, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, reported that 67% of dieters under this study would be "disappointed" or worse, with the 10-15% reduction achievable under the current state-of-the-art program.

    These expectations no doubt are encouraged by unethical advertising claims, some of which you may have seen or heard.  One I can recall says that you can “lose thirty pounds in thirty days while eating all you want”!  That is, of course, ridiculous.

    It seems to me that the secret to successful weight management can be summed up in three simple rules, three simple rules of which you are probably already aware:

    1. Be in control of what you eat and drink.
      You understand that calories do count, and smaller portion sizes carry fewer of them.
    2. Make sure your water intake is adequate.
      Experts disagree on how much is enough, but at least one eight ounce glass of water at every meal is generally advised, with a total of six to eight glasses per day.
    3. Take every opportunity to put more movement, more physical motion, into your life.
      For most people this means doing a lot more walking than you're used to for starters, and eventually adding other forms of exercise to your schedule.

    Healthy weight loss comes not from dieting but from changing one’s lifestyle, and typically progresses at the rate of about one pound per week.  Higher rates of loss, more than three pounds per week, raise the possibility of complications, including an increased risk of gall bladder disease.

    Now dear reader, if you’re still with me, professional hypnosis can help you follow those three simple rules, primarily in these ways.

    • By helping you remember them, so that you think of them and follow them at the appropriate times.
    • By reframing any subconscious objections you might have to carrying them out.

    I don't consider this offering to be a weight management "program". Programs should be made of sterner stuff, and should include considerably more supervision and follow up.  The weight management programs offered by reputable organizations such as Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and others do work if you actually stick with them.  Hypnosis can help you do that.

    For my clients I recommend two one-hour sessions about one week apart, with perhaps a booster session after two months.  As part of the program you’ll receive a hypnosis CD that will reinforce the positive suggestions for gaining and keeping control of your life, and will help you relax, relieve stress and get a good night’s sleep.

      Hypnosis and Weight Management