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How to Get to Hudson Valley Hypnosis:
From US 9W and Points West, via the Mid-Hudson Bridge

  Please remember, you can always call us at
  (845) 471-0021 for clarification if needed.

As you cross the Mid-Hudson bridge you'll be on US route 44 and NY route 55 heading East.
  • Turn left onto Market Street, the third light after the bridge.
  • Market Street becomes Civic Center Plaza where it crosses Main Street.
  • At this intersection you will see the One Civic Center building on the far right corner.

If you cross Main Street and continue on Civic Center Plaza, about halfway up the block you'll see the driveway of the parking garage, which is on your right just past the bus stop.

Exit the garage on the ground floor near where you drove in.  Walk outside a few yards to the North Entrance of One Civic Center Plaza.

Just in case you decided to park on Main Street, instead of in the parking garage, here's what the building entrance on Main Street looks like:.

You'll see the elevators in the middle of the hall.  The murals, painted by local artist Seth Nadel, are worth pausing to appreciate.

When you're ready, take an elevator the fourth floor, and look for my office, Suite 404, on your right as you get off the lift.

If you're expected, the door will be open - come on in!

Getting Back Home:
As you exit the garage, turn right onto Civic Center Plaza and make your way into one of the two left turn lanes.  Turn left at the light onto US 44/NY 55 heading west.   As you bear left to go around the Grand Hotel, make your way (carefully!) into the right lane. Follow 44/55 west over the Mid-Hudson bridge. You're on your way home, relaxed, refreshed and feeling wonderful!