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When You Are Ready to Stop Smoking
Hypnosis Can Help You Quit!
    To make a long story short, here's how that works.
    First, understand that no hypnotist can make you stop smoking.
    The only person who can make you stop smoking is the person who made you start...  Think now...  Who was that character anyway?

    Yes by golly, you are right, it was you!

    You had reasons to start, and maybe they seemed like pretty good reasons at the time.  Whatever those reasons were, are they still good enough?  Good enough to keep you from stopping?  Until you stop smoking, you are burning up your dollars and you are burning up your lungs.  In a very real sense, you are burning up your life.

    So now, you have very good reasons to stop smoking. You know quite well that it would be good for your health, good for your wallet and good for your quality of life to stop smoking...

    You know that!  Or... do you really?

    The part of you that we call the conscious mind does indeed know all that.  But there's another part of you that does not really understand, or even care, about any of that.  The part we call the subconscious mind still thinks that the reasons you started are good ones.  It does not want you to stop smoking.  And it's a fact that when there is a conflict between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious almost always wins.

    So your subconscious has the wrong ideas about smoking. 
    Old, outdated, obsolete ideas that should be left back there,
    years ago in the past, where they originated. 

    How do we let your subconscious mind know all that, so it can change?
    How do we let your subconscious mind know all that, so You can change?
    How do we help your subconscious mind understand it, so that
    you can stop smoking easily and quickly?

    When you are ready to stop smoking, hypnosis can help you quit! 

    As you may know, professional hypnosis is a process of communicating with and educating the subconscious mind for the purpose of making positive changes in one's life.  When you are ready to stop smoking, you can become a non-smoker in one session of about two hours at Hudson Valley Hypnosis.  Clients who have come to me for smoking cessation have been extremely successful.

    That's the short part of "the long and short of it", except to point out that you can call Hudson Valley Hypnosis at (845) 471-0021 to schedule a smoking cessation session with me.  You will be a non-smoker when you leave my office.

    What follows is the "long" part, information about the cigarette habit that may help you make up your mind to quit.

The Smoking Habit:
    People sometimes refer to smoking as if it were an addiction to nicotine, like an addiction to cocaine or heroin.  Nicotine raises your blood sugar, constricts your blood vessels and raises your blood pressure.  When we started to smoke we became accustomed to those physical effects, which are numerous (and on the whole destructive).  When we stop smoking we may experience some discomfort because those effects, which we are used to, are no longer there.  Any such discomfort usually disappears within 72 hours, the approximate length of time needed to purge traces of nicotine from our bodies.  These physiological effects are an important part of the smoking experience, but there is much more to the smoking habit than just the effects of nicotine. 

    Nicotine is not the end of the story.  If it were, people could stop smoking by transferring their supposed drug addiction to other sources of nicotine, such as nicotine patches or chewing gums.  While still suffering the negative effects of that poisonous drug, at least they would not be inhaling carcinogenic tars and scores or hundreds of other chemical toxins into their mouths, throats and lungs. 

    Now, I admit I don't hear about everything that goes on in and around Planet Earth, but I've yet to hear of a single case where a person has done this; that is, replaced an addiction to cigarettes with an addiction to nicotine gum or patches.  It may have happened and no one has told me about it, but in any case, I certainly would not recommend it. 

    The reason that this doesn't happen is simple.  Smoking is a bad habit, not unlike biting your fingernails - except a lot more dangerous and expensive! The habit becomes part of our subconscious programming.  We are programmed to reach for and light up a cigarette at certain times when we receive various cues. 

    Do you indentify with any of these cues?

    • You settle in behind the wheel of your car, click your seat belt and . . . 
    • You've just finished a good meal and . . . 
    • You pick up the phone and . . . 
    • You pour yourself a cup of coffee and . . . 
    • You meet friends for drink, and before you take your second sip . . . 

    . . .  you reach for a cigarette. 

    Professional hypnosis is way to help you reprogram these subconscious cues, eliminate them, and give you back control of your life. 

  Stop Smoking and Get Rich!

    If you are a smoker, the habit not only costs you money, it could be costing you the long, healthy life you deserve.  No one can calculate the price you're paying in reduced life expectancy, impaired health and quality of life, but we can easily figure the cost in dollars.  When I recently investigated the price of a pack of name brand cigarettes in this area, the lowest price I could find was about $10.00, all taxes included.  In many places, you'll pay more than $10.00 for a pack.  Depending on how much you smoke, over a single year this could add up to the price of quite a nice vacation.  Over several years, this could add up to the price of a college education!  Take a look at this table, which is based on the $10 price . . . 

    If you smoke this much ... In ONE YEAR you burn up these dollars
    One Pack a Day $3358.00
    Pack and a Half $5037.00
    Two Packs a Day $6716.00
    Two and a Half $8395.00

    Did I say "nice vacation"? For the price of a pack and half a day, you could take a cruise to Glacier Bay and Alaska.  Two packs a day would just about pay for a week in London or Paris.  And remember, those are after tax dollars, so the real cost is even higher.  Talk about having money to burn!

 What Will Becoming a Non-Smoker Cost You?

    At most, about the cost of four or five cartons of cigarettes.  Please read on. 

 What About a Tax Deduction?

    I am a hypnotist, not an accountant, and obviously I cannot give you tax advice.  The following quote from IRS Publication 502 for 2006 was recently brought to my attention, and perhaps you'll find it informative:

        "Stop-Smoking Programs

      You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a program to stop smoking. However, you cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for drugs that do not require a prescription, such as nicotine gum or patches, that are designed to help stop smoking."

    Again, I cannot give you tax advice, and you should check the current year's IRS publications for yourself.

  Can You Ever Have "Just One"?

    It is vital for you to know that with the help of hypnosis you can become totally free of tobacco.  However, tobacco contains powerful chemicals.  What this means is that if you take my program and then stay free for a year, or ten years, or thirty years, and for some reason decide to have just one smoke, or just one chew, you could find yourself hooked again.  Itís almost like being an alcoholic, you canít have one

  My Smoking Cessation Program

    Like any habit, smoking is learned behavior and it can be overcome by learning new behaviors.  If you are resolved to become a non-smoker, consider letting my smoking cessation program help you.  After one intensive session of hypnosis, you are a non-smoker when you leave my office.  Depending on your individual needs, this session will last about two hours, sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less. 

    As you are well aware, human behavior can never be guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that every single person who takes my smoking cessation program will become a life-long non-smoker.  However, if you were to relapse into smoking within the next few days after leaving my office, a follow-up session would be free.

    All I ask is that you sincerely commit to becoming a non-smoker before starting the program, and that you follow the program in good faith. 

  Are there Other Ways to become a Non-Smoker?

    Certainly there are.  Nicotine patches and chewing gums, other programs, and even going "cold turkey" all work for some people some of the time.  The one-on-one hypnosis program that I offer works for almost everyone all the time. 

  What about Hypnosis Tapes and CDs?

    This is the cheapest hypnotic option.  It is difficult to get reliable figures on how successful hypnotic tapes and CDs are in turning smokers into non-smokers, but certainly they work for some people some of the time. 

    I do offer hypnosis tapes and CDs, but not for smoking cessation.  Helping some of the people some of the time is not good enough. 

  What about Group Hypnosis Sessions?

    This option is intermediate in cost, and in success rate.  Again, reliable figures are hard to come by, but more than 50% of the smokers who attend group sessions conducted by reputable hypnotists succeed in becoming non-smokers. 

    If you have the opportunity to attend a group session, perhaps you should consider it.  I do conduct group hypnosis sessions, but again, not for smoking cessation, because I want the highest possible success rate, and in my experience the means one-on-one hypnosis sessions. 

  Why are One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions So Effective?

    There are several reasons.  For one, the rapport between the hypnotist and the client is better.  In a typical group session, the hypnotist is on stage or behind a podium, and you are one of a crowd sitting in a hotel ballroom. 

    When you come to see me, we sit next to each other in my comfortable office.  As you relax in a recliner, I listen to your very own reasons why you became a smoker in the first place, and why you continue to smoke, and give you personalized suggestions to guide you to freedom from the smoking habit.  These sessions last about two hours, much longer than the typical session for other issues, and they are intense.

    Another important reason why one-on-one hypnosis sessions are so effective is the commitment you make.  You are devoting two or more hours to the session, more than you would for the typical group session or a tape or CD. 
    And, although my fee includes my very effective hypnosis CD for relaxation, reinforcement and a good night's sleep (a $50 value) at no charge, it is still more than you would pay for a group session, and you really want to get your money's worth. 

    I should mention one more reason why you might choose one-on-one hypnosis for smoking cessation.  Put very simply, it's the best approach.  And don't you deserve the best?

  OK Robert:
  Just How Effective is Your Smoking Program?

    Would you believe 100% effective?

    By golly, I sure hope not!  Any practitioner who claims that should be looked at very carefully. 

    Working with clients who know that they need to stop smoking, but havenít stopped yet because it can be a hard habit to break without some help, I have had no requests for a free follow-up session.  Most of the people who come to me for smoking cessation sessions are in this category, and succeed in becoming non-smokers after the initial long session. 

    Occasionally I see a client who is conflicted about smoking Ė a part of her wants to stop but another part of her wants to continue to smoke for some reason Ė a reason that usually is not obvious.  People may offer reasons that are something like these, which I have heard . . . 

    • "My mother is always bugging me to stop smoking.  I'll do it when I want to, and not because she wants me too. "
    • "My Uncle Julius smoked until he was 90, and never got lung cancer - what's the hurry?"

    But these are seldom the actual reasons people continue to smoke.  In both of these cases, the client started smoking as a form of rebellion against convention or authority, and still associated smoking with freedom and independence.  Which is indeed ironic, since they were far from free or independent - they were shackled to and dependent on their cigarettes . . . 

    With such a client, success depends upon discovering the real reason and getting all parts of her to agree that, though that reason may have been important once, that was in the past and it is unimportant now.  This may require one or more additional sessions, at no charge, and may or may not be successful. 

    I don't know of course, but you may want to ask yourself why you haven't stopped smoking yet . . . ?

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