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  Help for Feelings of Low Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

    Poor self-esteem is among the most common issues for which people consult professional hypnotists, and the results can be truly remarkable.   Often a single session, lasting about one hour, can produce major positive changes in your self-confidence and your attitude about your life.

    Feelings of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence originate in that most amazing portion of our intelligence, the subconscious mind.   We could think of the subconscious as being like a computer hooked up to a video camera, with enough storage to record and remember everything that has ever happened to us from the day we were born and perhaps even before.   Much of this stored data acts as a kind of programming, creating our attitudes, likes and dislikes, emotional responses to situations, and much more.

    Some of this programming is positive, some of it is negative.   For example, you can read, and you can do it without consciously thinking about and analyzing those little black marks that make up the letters, or the letters that make up the words, or even the words that make up the sentences.   This all happens at the subconscious level, freeing up your conscious mind to think about and analyze the meaning of what you're reading. This is positive programming for sure.

    On the other hand, you've had many experiences, especially when you were small and perhaps some when you were not so small, that tended to make you think of yourself as less than you really are.   This is negative programming that can lead directly to bad feelings about yourself, timidity, a lack of confidence and self-esteem among other things. In hypnosis, we can discover this programming and change the way your subconscious mind interprets it.   As you may have read elswhere on this Web site, professional hypnosis is a process of communicating with and educating the subconscious mind.

    That said, you know that nothing about human behavior can ever be guaranteed.   If you'd like to experience hypnosis for the purpose of raising your feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem, I'd be happy to see you.   An appointment is required.  Please call (845) 471-0021 to schedule your session.

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