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Would You like to Know More?
    If you are thinking about hypnosis to help you with a particular issue, problem or concern, make an appointment and come see me. If you are not certain that hypnosis is for you, I offer an initial consultation, lasting about 30 minutes, which is free.  During that time we'll do a little paper work, talk about what is troubling you and how hypnosis could help you overcome it.  If you decide to proceed, we'll schedule your first hypnosis session, which will last about one hour (except for smoking cessation, which will last about two hours). 

    Often, the initial consultation can be combined with your first session, thus saving you an extra trip.  After each session, if additional sessions are indicated we'll schedule your next appointment.

    My office phone number is (845) 471-0021, and my email address is Robert@hv-hypnosis.com.
    My office address is:

      Hudson Valley Hypnosis
      One Civic Center Plaza
      Suite 404
      Poughkeepsie NY 12601