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Hypnosis Can Help You Manage Chronic Pain

When is Hypnosis Appropriate for Pain Management?
    There are times and situations when hypnosis is "just what the doctor ordered" to help manage pain, and there are other times when it definitely is not indicated.  You must consult your doctor or other medical professional and request a referral before any ethical hypnotism practitioner will see you for pain management.

    To help you understand this question, I'm pleased to present the following article written by my friend and colleague Tom Nicoli.  You may have seen Tom on NBC's "Dateline" programs about weight loss, where he successfully demonstrated the use of hypnotism for weight management.  Tom is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, and has won prestigious awards from the National Guild of Hypnotists.


Hypnosis for Pain Management -
 The Mind Behind the Pain

    By Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI

    Note: Anyone seeking hypnosis services for any medical reason, physiological discomfort or pain, should do so with an appropriate medical referral before any hypnotic intervention begins.

    Psychoneuroimmunology researchers, doctors and specialists have done extensive research to show that the vast majority of pain and pain resulting from physical disorders are psychologically based... in the mind. And with hypnosis being the misunderstood yet timeless, safe, natural and effective way to get to the bottom of why pain continues, relief can be realized.

    When seeking the services of a reputable, experienced, certified hypnotism professional, after a medical referral has been obtained, be sure to ask any questions you need in order to be sure you found the person right for you. The work between a hypnotist and you is personal and can be the most beneficial thing you ever did to relieve and eliminate physical pain.

    Pain is a warning signal from the mind that something is wrong. However, it can also be a false alarm. Physical pain usually indicates a problem in the body but did you know the body can be the recipient of displaced energy and emotion? Well, it's true. Read what the experts report.

    Medscape Today - Pain is a physical, emotional and psychological phenomenon. Hypnosis is one of the oldest and most documented psychological interventions for pain management and suffering. It is obvious that persons who are hypnotized report changes in the way they feel, think, and behave. However, many studies have demonstrated that self-hypnosis in persons who experience pain or stress can reduce the need for pain medications.
    (Ashton et al., 1997; Cadranel et al., 1994; Chaves & Dworkin, 1997; Hrezo, 1998; Lang, Joyce, Spiegel, Hamilton, & Lee, 1996; Marchioro et al., 2000; Patterson & Jensen, 2003; Van der Does, Van Dyck, & Spijker, 1988)

    American Pain Foundation - Hypnosis is a widely practiced and time-tested method for managing pain. There are several possible ways that hypnosis could work to block, reduce, or eliminate pain. One is that hypnosis decreases the amount of pain signal that gets sent to the brain. Another way that hypnosis may work is that it redirects one's attention to something other than the pain. Still another way is that hypnosis may help our mind to know that the pain is there, but not to feel it.

    When you get to the root of an issue, the issue can then be set free and isn't that what we all really want, personal freedom? To be free of pain and issues that cause us a more difficult life. Seek the services of a hypnotism professional and start living the way you were meant to… healthy and happy.


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