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What is a Past Life Experience?
    To put it simply, a Past Life Experiences (PLE) is, or at least seems to be, memories of events, feelings and people that appear to come from before the present lifetime began.  These experiences may be quite vivid, as if one were actually reliving them, or observational, as if one were watching a movie or leafing through a picture album. They often, almost always in fact, give us an insight into issues, problems or concerns of the current life.

    And that, dear reader, is the end of the simple part ...

Are Past Life Experiences Real?

    I have to wonder what "real" means in this context.  Did the events of the experience actually happen?  It's usually impossible to verify them historically, at least in the fine details.  And if they did happen, did they happen to you, or to someone else?  One thing is certainly real -- people really do have these experiences, whatever the explanation might be.

Can Past Life Experiences be Explained?

    Yes indeed, they can.  In fact there are a number of reasonable explanations for PLEs.  Unfortunately, none of these can be proven -- more importantly, none can be disproven.  I describe some of the most commonly offered explanations here.

Should You Seek a Past Life Experience?

    That is entirely up to you, of course.  If you have a past life, and if you will allow yourself to go there by following my suggestions, I will help you access it.  However, no hypnotist can guarantee that you will actually have a past life experience. There are at least two reasons for this.

    One is that you may not have had a past life.  Consider this simple arithmetic: because the population of our world is constantly increasing, the fact is that more human beings have been born than have yet passed away.  Quite a few more, actually.  So, it seems that there are not enough past lives available for everybody to have one.  Also, for whatever reason, you may not be ready to allow yourself to access that experience.

Some Possible Explanations

    While there are a number of hypotheses about the source of past life experiences, no scientific theories have as yet been put forward to explain the phenomenon.  This is because none of the proposed explanations is testable -- that is, none suggests experiments that can be conducted to disprove the explanation.

    Contrary to popular belief, a scientific theory can never be proven.  Instead, a proper scientific theory can be tested in an attempt to disprove it.  Over time, if it survives repeated attempts at disproof it will be accepted as useful, but the possibility always remains that some future test will successfully disprove it.

    For example, even after most of a century, Einstein's Theories of Relativity are still theories. They have never been proven, and never can be.  And yet they are generally accepted as being correct because every attempt to disprove them (and there have been many) so far has failed.

    None of the more likely explanations for past life experiences meets the testability requirement of scientific theory.  That is, one cannot formulate a test to disprove any of them.

    That said, here are the explanations most commonly put forward:


    Reincarnation is the belief that after one's physical body dies, the soul is later reborn into a new body.  Throughout the World, many major religions support the possibility of reincarnation.  Even religions that do not actively support that possibility usually do not deny it in their sacred texts.  If reincarnation exists, perhaps we can re-experience events that happened to us in a past life.   And if we do, perhaps those events can teach us, or remind us of, some lesson we can use in our current life.


    This idea is very different from reincarnation.  It says that perhaps, instead of revisiting a past life of our own, we are being shown the memories of another soul.  Why would they do that?  Surely there must be something we can learn from the experience, or what would be the point?

      Racial or Genetic Memory:

    Could it be that there is some type of physical memory passed down from generation to generation at a molecular level?  If so, what we experience is really the memory of some distant ancestor of ours. What would trigger such a memory?  Again, perhaps there's a lesson in the experience for us.


    What is the full power of the human brain?  Few would say we fully understand the brain.  Nor do we fully understand what we call, for lack of a better term, the human subconscious mind.

    We do know that our subconscious minds remember things that consciously we may not be even vaguely aware of.  Most hypnotists believe, although it cannot be proven, that every event, sound, sight and feeling we've ever experienced is recorded somewhere in our brains and accessible to the subconscious.  Things from years ago and things from last night.

    Perhaps a part of us puts some of these things together in a way that seems to be a past life memory.  If that is true, it would seem to be a message from us, to us, and we'd be well advised to try and understand it.

And just to stir the pot a bit, nothing has ruled out the possibility that any or all of these proposed explanations, as well as others not mentioned, might be true at some times for some individuals.

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